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Consumer Marketing 

Market Performance Group is an innovative performance marketing company that specializes in developing and executing consumer marketing strategies to create consumer awareness, improve shopper experience, and streamline sales. Learn about how engaging consumer marketing can be compelling to targeted audiences and improve ROI.

What is Consumer Marketing?


Consumer marketing refers to the process of promoting and selling products or services to individual customers. It involves identifying the needs and wants of target consumers and developing strategies to persuade them to purchase the product. The two types of consumer marketing, direct to consumer or business to consumer, determine the strategy needed to reach the right consumer. 

Consumer marketing is a critical component of any successful company's marketing strategy. By showcasing your products or services to potential customers, you can establish your brand and drive sales. One of the most significant advantages of consumer marketing is its ability to build personal connections with customers, creating a strong sense of loyalty. Approaches such as email marketing, social media marketing, and influencer marketing can all help you to engage with your target audience in meaningful ways. With the right approach, consumer marketing can deliver exceptional results and significant ROI.

Direct to Consumer Marketing


Direct to consumer marketing (DTC) is a strategy in which companies sell directly to consumers without intermediaries. DTC marketing is often used by startup companies or businesses that sell niche products.

There are many benefits to this approach, including increased control over branding and customer experience, as well as the ability to collect valuable customer data. By eliminating intermediaries, companies can also offer lower prices to consumers. Direct to consumer marketing can be achieved through a variety of channels, such as e-commerce platforms, social media, and targeted advertising. However, it requires a strong understanding of the target audience and a well-crafted marketing strategy to effectively reach and convert customers. As technology continues to advance, direct to consumer marketing is becoming an increasingly popular approach for businesses of all sizes.

Business to Consumer Marketing


Business to consumer marketing (B2C) is a type of marketing that focuses on selling products or services directly to individual customers. B2C marketing typically involves advertising and promotions that target the general public rather than other businesses.

B2C marketing is often done through channels such as television, print media, and online advertising. The goal is to create a strong brand presence and generate interest in the product or service being offered. B2C marketing campaigns often focus on creating emotional connections with consumers and highlighting the benefits of the product or service. 

Personalization is also a key aspect of B2C marketing, as companies strive to create tailored experiences for their customers. By leveraging the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, companies can now create highly personalized marketing campaigns that deliver outstanding results.

Market Performance Group has the consumer insight marketing capabilities and industry experience to determine which consumer sales strategy to fulfill your business needs. 

Benefits of Consumer Insight Marketing 


Some benefits of consumer insight marketing include:

  • Improving customer satisfaction by better meeting their needs and preferences.

  • Increasing customer loyalty by developing deeper relationships with customers.

  • Creating more effective marketing campaigns by better targeting specific customer segments.

  • Identifying new market opportunities by uncovering unmet customer needs or emerging trends.

How Consumer Insight Marketing Works


Consumer insight marketing involves collecting and analyzing a variety of data points, including customer demographics, behavior patterns, and purchasing history. This data is then used to create customer profiles, which can help businesses identify key insights into consumer behavior and preferences. These insights can then be leveraged to develop more targeted and effective marketing strategies, and to create products and services that better meet the needs of consumers. Examples of consumer insight marketing techniques include data mining, focus groups, and surveys.

MPG’S Consumer Marketing Capabilities


Market Performance Group is powered by an exceptional team of diverse talent to provide  full-service consumer marketing capabilities to fuel brand growth.  Combined with our innovative omnichannel strategy consulting, we partner with our established partners and product venues to accelerate growth and enhance ROI. 

Contact our Brand & Consumer Marketing Consultants


Contact our Brand & Consumer Marketing Consultants to learn more about how to use consumer insight marketing to improve your business outcomes. We can help you develop a comprehensive strategy that includes data collection, analysis, and customer segmentation. With our guidance, you can create more effective marketing campaigns that drive engagement, loyalty, and sales. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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