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FleXforce® Plug & Play Marketing

​FleXforce® provides plug and play marketing or management support to take the burden off you for an interim project, a peak in work volume, family leave, while a valued employee is away, or when you are attempting to find the right permanent candidate.


Our experienced freelance marketers, sales people and market researchers are available to help on a temporary basis filling in while someone is on a leave, or during a limited but high workload period like a new product launch.

​FleXforce® provides sales people and market researchers from all industries to bring the best expertise to your project. These flexible solutions fit your needs by offering various day to day tactical and senior strategy initiatives. We have successfully launched startups and acquisitioned new clients, product lines and entire business segments, repositioned brands and delivered both the comprehensive strategy and initiatives.

FleXforce® covers all aspects of business marketing and we excel at being “hands on”. We roll up our sleeves, diving into the details and put our proven experience to work to solve your management or marketing challenges.

Day to Day Tactical Initiatives 

  • Initial Marketing and Management team for startup ventures or new product launches. 

  • Develop and execute launch plans. 

  • Recruited and trained candidates for permanent positions.

  • Managed Advertising and Web Development Process for maximum audience outreach potential.

  • Development and manufacturing of new products.

  • Coordinate copy development process to engage audiences. 

  • Prepare business analytics and reports for sales presentations. 

  • Coordinated legal / medical copy clearance 

  • Develop a budget or sales forecast. 


Senior Strategy Initiatives

  • Lead brand repositioning 

  • Evaluate and recommend media mix / new support vehicles 

  • Develop creative briefs for new advertising and web opportunities 

  • Complete Sales and Marketing plan, programs, and budget for any company entering the market. 

  • Managed RFP process for selection of key agencies. 

  • Developed brief for quantitative market research initiatives. 

  • Developed private label defense strategy. 


How Can Our Brand Strategy Consultants? 

We would love to get a better understanding of the challenges you face and how FleXforce® can assist you. Contact our brand strategy consultants  to find out more about selecting plug and play marketing solutions for your business. 

Recent senior strategy
initiatives include:
  • Led brand repositioning

  • Evaluated and recommended media mix /
    new support vehicles

  • Developed creative briefs for new advertising & web properties

  • Developed complete sales and marketing
    plan, programs and budget for company
    entering U.S. market (both consumer and
    professional plans)

  • Managed RFP process for selection of key agencies

  • Developed brief for quantitative market
    research initiatives

  • Developed private label defense strategy

Recent day-to-day tactical
initiatives include:
  • Served as initial marketing and management team for start up venture

  • Developed and executed launch plans

  • Opened offices and recruited and trained
    candidates for permanent hire

  • Managed advertising and web development process

  • Led teams developing new products and manufacturing process

  • Coordinated packaging and copy development

  • Coordinated and prepared sales presentations

  • Sold in to retail partners on client’s behalf

  • Coordinated legal / medical copy clearance

  • Developed budget or forecast

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