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Market Performance Group FAQs 

Market Performance Group is an innovative company that specializes in assisting manufacturers and retailers implement how to accelerate their growth and profitability with strategic market strategy to in-market reality marketing.  Learn more about our teams built upon these values by enabling exceptional talent to thrive in an entrepreneurial culture.

What is Retail Marketing?

Retail marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on the sale of products and services to consumers for personal or household use. This type of marketing requires understanding the customer's needs and desires, as well as a clear knowledge of the different types of media that are available to reach the target market. Retail marketing can range from local store-level marketing to large multi-channel campaigns. 

MPG is based on forward-thinking choices that build a competitive advantage and sustainable value for your business. 

How is Retail Marketing Important for my Business?

Retail marketing is essential for any business that sells products and services directly to the consumer. By understanding the customer’s needs, developing a well-defined strategy, and using the right tactics, businesses can increase their sales and brand awareness. Retail marketing tactics can include promotional activities, online marketing, in-store events, loyalty programs, and more. With an effective retail marketing strategy, businesses can build relationships with their customers, improve customer loyalty, and drive more sales.

What are MPG’s In-Store Marketing Capabilities? 

MPG is a market leading in-store marketing provider. We specialize in planning and developing innovative, tailored in-store marketing campaigns that engage customers and drive sales. MPG’s capabilities include product displays and fixtures, event activation, promotional campaigns, point-of-sale materials, and more. Our team of experts use in-depth analytics and insights, to create experiences that deliver measurable results. 

What Workforce Support Can MPG Provide?

MPG can provide comprehensive workforce support, including recruitment and training services. ​FleXforce provides plug and play marketing or management support to take the burden off you for an interim project, a peak in work volume, family leave, while a valued employee is away, or when you are attempting to find the right permanent candidate.

Our experienced freelance marketers, sales people and market researchers are available to help on a temporary basis filling in while someone is on a leave, or during a limited but high workload period like a new product launch.

Our comprehensive staffing solutions can help you fill positions quickly, while our robust training programs can ensure your team is prepared and knowledgeable on the latest best practices. Our team of experts can also provide strategic insights that can help you identify opportunities and improve performance.

What are MPG’s Digital Marketing Tools?

Market Performance Group offers a suite of digital marketing tools that can help businesses reach new customers and increase their online presence. Our tools include business consulting, sales strategy, strategic marketing, and digital ecommerce campaigns. These tools can help businesses build awareness about their brand, reach new markets, and drive more sales.

What is MPG’s Performance Sales Program?

MPG’s Performance Sales Program is a unique offering that combines the power of data, insights, and analytics to drive sales performance. Our capabilities provide businesses with customized strategies, technologies, and processes that help them increase efficiency in all areas of their retail operation. Our retail marketing consultants give businesses the tools they need to unlock the full potential of their retail operations.

What Is an Omnichannel Strategy?

An omnichannel strategy is a multi-channel approach to marketing that focuses on delivering consistent experiences and messages across multiple channels. Omnichannel strategies are designed to create a seamless shopping experience for customers by integrating online and offline data, as well as all touchpoints in the customer journey. An effective omnichannel strategy can help identify your customer needs, establish your most effective channels, develop an integration plan to drive customer engagement and brand recognition. 

How Would Your Business Benefit from Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on achieving specific goals, such as increasing sales, brand awareness, or customer engagement. Using performance marketing tactics, businesses can effectively track and measure their results in real-time, to determine whether their marketing efforts are successful. Performance marketing can result in higher ROI, as well as improved customer insights and engagement, allowing businesses to maximize their results. Businesses can also benefit from improved customer data, which can be used to create targeted campaigns and drive conversions.

Does MPG Tailor their Marketing Strategies to Fit my Business?

At MPG, we understand that every business has unique needs and goals. For this reason, we develop tailored marketing strategies that are specific to each client's individual needs. Our strategies are designed to help our clients increase their sales, build relationships with customers, and create long-term results. By leveraging our in-depth analytics and insights, as well as our expertise in the latest marketing tools, we can develop powerful strategies that help our clients maximize their business potential.

How Does MPG Stand Out Against other Marketing Groups?

MPG stands out in two key areas: our team of experts, and our comprehensive suite of marketing tools and services. Our experts use deep analytics and insights to develop strategies that drive sales, while our marketing tools and services provide businesses with the resources they need to reach new customers and increase their sales. Additionally, MPG’s FleXforce® program provides plug and play marketing or management support for businesses to help them during times of transition or high workload. Our comprehensive solutions help businesses navigate the retail landscape and successfully reach their customers.

How do I get in touch with MPG?

Our retail and performance marketing consultants would love to get a better understanding of your business and the challenges you are facing. Contact our brand marketing strategists so we can tailor our capabilities to make your market strategy to in-market reality.   

Loyalty to Our Clients


MPG is dedicated to supporting, honoring, and consistently uniting diverse suppliers and introducing their goods to the retail landscape. We are aimed at allocating more resources to develop women-owned, minority-owned, LGBTQ-owned, and other historically under-utilized suppliers to help them succeed in omnichannel retail. As we continue to build deeper, more meaningful partnerships with underrepresented suppliers, we have committed to:

  • Dedicating approximately $200k pro-bono services to develop and represent diverse suppliers at leading retailers across the US and Canada in conjunction with the ECRM Supplier Diversity Partnership.

  • Building upon our strong relationship with Walmart and their commitment to Supplier Inclusion through Walmart Start, which is focused on discovering up-and-coming beauty brands by providing resources and operational support to help prepare them for a potential product launch in-store and online by March 2023.  Additional opportunities have been identified and are in the planning phase.

Dedication to Our Communities

With MPG employees residing all over the world, we understand the importance of community.


As part of our commitment to increasing our support within our local communities, we have introduced the MPG Give Back Program.  The Give Back Program Mission is “Living into our Community Value by serving the people, communities, and businesses in which we live and work”. The primary goal is to provide support, resources, and donations, in 3 key areas:

  • Health & Wellness

  • Education

  • Diversity and Inclusion


We have made significant advancements to these efforts with the establishment of several key programs and initiatives which have accelerated our engagement and investments in these areas.

This past year was a tremendously fulfilling year for MPG. The MPG team has come together to accomplish the following:

  • Donated over 150 service hours supporting 34 different charities

  • Provided 6,200 meals through Move for Hunger

  • Raised more than $2.5 million for local, regional, and national charities across the United States

  • Worked with non-profits, in partnership with key retailers, on events to raise money in our communities to include:

    • American Diabetes Foundation’s Kiss a Pig Gala

    • American Red Cross’ Red Dress

    • Will Golf for Kids to raise money for families in need in Northwest Arkansas.


Our journey thus far has yielded significant progress in our efforts to embrace DEI&B.  We realize this is only a start and there is so much more to be done.  We welcome any ideas that you may have that will further advance our efforts and strengthen the employee experience at MPG.


Please reach out to our Human Resources Liaison, Julie Nebeker at if you have ideas to share or if you would like to get involved.


We look forward to providing you with updates as our “journey continues”.

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